Big Brother Challenge

So you think you can eat??? Do you have what it takes???  We, The Blair Brothers, challenge any two people to eat our 24" pizza with three toppings of your choice.  If you can divide and conquer this massive pie, dinner will be on us.  If you can't finish in one hour, then sorry about your luck and you can come back after more training.  The fastest people to finish the Big Brother will walk with a $15 gift certificate to Brothers Pizza and a Brothers Pizza T-shirt.  All winners photos will be posted here on our website!! More and better prizes to come, so bring your hunger and wear some expandable pants!!!

Our Current Champions!

Carl and Alex    11 min 30 seconds

Interested in trying the challenge for yourself? Check out the Rules here:  Big Brother Challenge Rules
rules may be subject to change

Due to a high volume of customers during our dinner rush hours it may not be possible to have a challenge done during that time.  Best times to undertake the challenge are daytime or late evening after dinner rush.  Please call ahead of time to find out if we are able to accommodate a challenge at the time you wish to come.  757-340-1277

Casey and Austin
Time Completed: 56 minutes

Phillip Kim and Marcel Amen
Time Completed: 53 min

Monica Woodhouse and Scott Misiaszek
Time Completed:  56 min

Paul Sinkuc and Saxton Coorough
Time Completed:  54 min

Time completed:  54 minutes

Time completed:   54 minutes

Rich Rubio and Alexander Welford          20 minutes

Time Completed:  25 minutes

Dave Jarrett and Roger Stein

Marc and John     Time Challenge Completed:  57 min 30 sec

Aaron Madsi and Matt Wood     Time Completed:  57 min 40 sec

Harris and Jason Kantro    Time completed:  43 mins

Andrew Wynne & Mingey Lee  57 minutes

Daniel Fogarty & Chris Jachimiak  20 minutes

Joshua Corbin & Jacob Corbin 43 minutes

Time completed:  57 minutes

Aaron Kessel and Joseph Becker    40 min

Steve and Debby Harter    35 min

Kyle Moore & Cody    58 minutes

Tyler Kosnick & Mike Nugent    45 min

Eric Gladding & Richard Breeding    21 min

Brandon Weintraut & Jim Mercantini    58 minutes

Kyle McNealy & Romeo Spino    23 min 35 seconds

Dave McClelland & Ryan Wood    25 Min

Christopher Hovy & Elobuike    

Sam Collura & Jake Kingston    44 minutes

Scott Pond & John George    57 min

Jim White & Jake Bigelow    40 min

Ryan Duncan & Brian Johnson    57 min

Matt Coral & Chris Holland 42 min

Time Challenge Completed:  56 minutes

Sam and Will    35 minutes

Matt Boller & Chris Faix    57 min

Chris and Greg    50 minutes